Hellas Media Services Ltd

  •  Media and Communication: Hellas Media Services Ltd aims to keep up to date Greek people and immigrants who live and work in Greece, concerning prominent matters of international interest, throughout the multidimensional perception of our team that edit and contribute every day in the online news directory iTimes.gr and the printed version of International Times, that is distributed all over Athens available in 11 languages (Greek, French, Spanish, English, Albanian, Russian, Urdu, Arabic, Serbian, Romanian and Polish).
  •  Hellas 24 webTV & radio: The channel cooperates with 120 bilingual journalists representing 25 different nationalities. The editorial team is well trained and familiar with the new technologies, and multimedia tools. The channel is available in 8 languages and broadcasts in Europe, Middle East and Africa, as well as New York and Washington DC. Our goal is to keep updated the Greeks (Diaspora) and the immigrants that live and work in Greece on national and international current events through the eyes of the multidisciplinary team that takes care of the daily issues and contributes to the mission of Hellas24.
  •  E-shop: In Hellas Media Services Ltd a whole market is just a click away. Through our child pages esthetic.gr and Discoverit.gr the public gets access to a variety of products ranging from gadgets, books, tickets, wellness and beauty, fashion, technology and electronics, as well as various special deals.
  •  Telephony Directory: Hellas Media’s 11810 is the only telephone directory services offered in 8 languages.
  •  4u Telecom: A telecommunications branch that provides cheap communication surpassing the boundaries and creating strong ties with its users. The Branch aims to provide top quality services to all who want easy and economically communication in Greece and around the world, from the mobile and fix Phone.
  •  Advertising and productions: Here in Hellas Media Services Ltd boosting your company becomes our priority. No matter if you need an attractive advertising video, an organized training film, an insightful interview video or a fascinating life event film; we will make sure that it fulfills your exact expectations.
  •  Well Magazine. Monthly magazine which aspires to activate and stimulate positively every reader. Well Mag aims to make our lives well. In its pages you can find everything. A daily “must” with selected tips, recent studies-trends on nutrition, beauty, health, physical exercise and mental self-healing.



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